«Аitas KZ» JSC

«Аitas KZ» JSC – managing company for corporate group. The group includes: «Ust-Kamenogorsk Poultry Farm» JSC, «Aitas-MP» LLP, «Aitas meat distribution» LLP, «ZASCHITA UBA» LLP, «Makinsk Poultry Farm» LLP, «Makinsk Feed Mill» LLP, «Aitas-Energo» LLP, Corporate Environmental Fund «Live Earth», «Construction Corporation «Saryarka» LLP.

Main functions of «Аitas KZ» JSC are the following: definition and implementation of strategic directions of business development, elaboration of key principles, standards of management and processes, operating management of affiliated companies, consolidation of business, finances and staff, administration of non-core assets, centralized monitoring and control of operating activities. Company’s staff accounts for 60 highly qualified specialists maintaining support of projects being implemented within the frameworks of the company group.

Dear visitors, I am pleased to welcome you
on the website of «Aitas» company group!

Here you may get information of our holding, companies included in it, history of company formation, and learn principles and priorities of our activities.

Starting from the day of establishing the very first company, that laid the foundation of our multi-purpose business, more than 20 years have been gone. During that time, we faced a lot of ups and downs, some companies were acquired, the others – split away from «Аitas KZ». However, all those changes like holding expansion were dictated by the need to be in line with the Mission, Philosophy and Values of our business.

We have always worked on improvement of business that will finally change the surrounding world for the better. Interests of our consumers, employees, partners – are those very milestones to which our everyday work is targeted. Day by day we think over how to make lives of hundreds of thousands of people better and more interesting. We are in a continuous state of exploration and this makes the company improve and move on to the most ambitious targets.

The results of such approach speak volumes. Nowadays, «Аitas KZ» - is a vertically integrated holding with its consolidated companies for production and processing of poultry meat, crop-growing companies, distributing companies as well as companies involved in environmental and other projects.

I would not recite all our achievements, you will find them in «History» section, however I should say that every single day – is another step to the future. The employees of our holding perfectly realize that as well. This is precisely why the main legacy of «Аitas KZ» is its people who are willing and can change the world for the better!

Sincerely yours, Serik Tolukpayev

Brief biography

Tolkpayev Serik Kulumbekovich – founder of «Aitas» company group.

Serik was born on November 14th, 1970 in Belkaragai village of Katon-Karagai area of East Kazakhstan region.

In the year of 1992, he graduated from Kazakhstan agricultural institute with a specialization in «Agrochemistry and soil sciences». In the year of 2002, he obtained the second higher education with a specialization in «Legal studies» at Higher school of law «Adilet».

He started his career in business in the year of 1993.

Starting from the year of 2004, Serik Kulumbekovich is a shareholder of «Ust-Kamenogorsk Poultry Farm» JSC, from February 2012 he holds the position of general director.